Project Description

WPWeb EDD Purchase Limit

Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit extension allows you specify purchase limits on a per-product basis. Purchase Limits also allows you to limit the dates Downloads are available to be purchased by setting a start and/or end date.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Set purchase limits on per-product basis.
  • Set variable purchase limits for variable products.
  • Date restrictions: Instead of limiting by number you may limit products by date as well you can set a begin date and/or an end date. This allows you to do things like not allow sales until a date, or close all sales at a certain date, or allow sales only between 2 dates.
  • Customize message format: Allows you to set the buy button for sold out products, reflect count of remaining products, date restrictions error message and also allows you to set an error message in case someone makes it to a checkout page for a sold out product.
  • option to notify admin for low stock products.
  • option to notify admin for out of stock products.
  • A clean & user friendly admin UI to manage everything.


Important Compatibility Notes

Does Purchase Limit support the Frontend Submissions extension?
Purchase Limit and FES are fully integrated. Vendors will able to set purchase limitations on their submissions. Also limitations can be set for vendor-uploaded products through the Edit Download screen once submitted by admin.

Does Purchase Limit support the Wishlists extension?
Yes it does!